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Dropbox on iOS gets a new look and Photo tab with version 2.0

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Dropbox 2.0 iPhone
Dropbox 2.0 iPhone

Dropbox has unveiled a new design in version 2.0 of its iOS app. The new version keeps Dropbox's signature blue but reduces the gradient for a flatter and somewhat more modern look, and the bottom icons (like Settings or Uploads) no longer have text labels explaining their purpose. There are also a few new features. Primarily, there's now a bottom Photos tab, which brings up a gallery of images uploaded from anywhere and lets users scroll through them. That Photos tab, which was added earlier for Android, has replaced the Uploads one, and uploads are now done through an icon at the top of each folder — which means users can navigate to a folder and then either send files directly into it or create a new folder for the upload. Dropbox has explained the reasoning behind the changes on its blog here, and users can find the new version on iTunes.