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Samsung rejects labor claims, says there are no underage workers at its supplier

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Samsung has responded to allegations of HTNS Shenzhen hiring underage workers following complaints from China Labor Watch. In a blog post, the company reveals that it met with both HTNS Shenzhen and China Labor Watch to confirm the age of the alleged underge worker. The employee verified their age during the meeting, saying "I do not understand why we are having this discussion. I am over 18 years of age."

China Labor Watch says it turned up two other employees under the age of 16 during its investigation, but Samsung claims that both were of legal working age when they were originally hired by HTNS Shenzhen. Samsung says the employee's ages and identities were verified using electronic equipment that scans for fake ID cards. The company doesn’t delve into specific working condition concerns raised by China Labor Watch, but it has already promised to correct the issues following an audit in November. Samsung closes by saying that it will monitor its suppliers through an independent third-party auditor starting in 2013 anyone found employing underage workers will have their contracts terminated.