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Comcast CEO says company can learn from Apple, wants content 'anytime on any device'

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Comcast CEO Brian Roberts
Comcast CEO Brian Roberts

In an interview with Forbes on Thursday, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts provided some reassurance that the company is at least seeing a future where you can watch television anywhere. Roberts said that he would like to see Comcast "take this overwhelming amount of content choices... and make them personalized, make them easy to interact with and have anytime on any device." It's no revelation — operators will have to modernize if they hope to remain relevant as over-the-top services grow — but at least Comcast's CEO is envisioning TV service without today's limitations.

Roberts also said that Comcast could learn from Apple "to take really complicated things and make them simple, make them fun, make them beautiful and easy." The company's current TV Everywhere services have a long way to go to get to there, but Roberts looks to be impressed with the technology that's out there and intends to change his business with it. "We now have tablets: You touch them, things happen. Software is changing everything. So you have to reinvent your company all the time and reinvent the business model." It remains to be seen if Comcast, with its data caps and cumbersome Xfinity apps, can stay true to that goal.