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Curator of the world's only 8-track museum shows some love to the fallen format

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akai 8 track (iavscanada)
akai 8 track (iavscanada)

Bucks Burnett began collecting eight-track tapes in 1988 when he stumbled onto a $7 Beatles White Album cartridge at a garage sale. That discovery set off a quest to collect every Beatles eight-track ever released, culminating in the world’s only museum dedicated to the format — The Eight Track Museum in Dallas, Texas. In an interview with Collectors Weekly, Burnett talks about the collection, which includes more than 3,000 of the tapes, discusses the new adjunct museum in Roxbury, NY, and offers some insight into the history of the world’s first automotive music format. The crown jewel of the collection is an impossibly rare collaboration between Frank Sinatra and Brazilian jazz musician Antônio Carlos Jobim, of which only about five copies remain. While the $50,000 tape gets its own room in the museum, Burnett has never listened to the music. "That would be just my luck, you know, I’d put it in, and there it goes."