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Raspberry Pi launches its very own app store

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Pi Store
Pi Store

Anybody who’s anybody has their own app store these days, so why shouldn't the team behind the Raspberry Pi have one too? The tiny and inexpensive Linux-based PC has today gained the Pi Store, accessible from the web or via a standalone app for Raspbian. So far it looks to be slim pickings with only 23 free titles, but the team is hoping that it will grow into a resource that offers developer tools as well as more consumer-oriented titles. There’s a little bit of incentive for developers too while there’s an option to charge for apps in the store, there’s a tip jar feature that lets users kick a little money towards the developers even if their app is free. Those looking to browse the Pi’s wares can point their browsers to the web store right now, while those running an older version of the Raspbian OS will have to install it manually.