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Nokia reportedly preparing Lumia 920 camera software update

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Gallery Photo: Nokia Lumia 920 hardware photos
Gallery Photo: Nokia Lumia 920 hardware photos

Nokia's biggest selling point for the Lumia 920 is the PureView capabilities of its rear camera. While the camera excels at low-light and image stabilization, a number of users have complained that daylight photos have resulted in blurry images. Engadget reports that Nokia has been tweaking its camera software for the 920 and plans to address some of the issues in an update shortly.

A set of sample shots show some improvements with the Lumia 920 camera that Engadget claims will be delivered as part of an update that's scheduled this month. Microsoft recently started pushing a Windows Phone 8 OS update to HTC 8X devices to improve random reboots and add features such as always on Wi-Fi. Nokia's update will include these features alongside the camera improvements to improve things for Lumia 920 owners this holiday season.