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Google expanding Fiber to five more Kansas City neighborhoods in early 2013

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Google Fiber New Neighborhoods
Google Fiber New Neighborhoods

A few days ago, Eric Schmidt promised that Google's incredibly fast Fiber internet was more than "just an experiment." Now, Google says it will be adding five more "fiberhoods" in Kansas City during the first months of 2013. The company's first Fiber neighborhood went live in November, and another, Dub's Dread, is currently being built out. Residents of Piper Schools who want Fiber need to choose a plan by January 31st, with four more areas given deadlines between February 14th and March 7th. Rollout is likely to come within a few months of the deadline. As of September, 180 neighborhoods in Kansas City had pre-registered, which means we'll hopefully be seeing more rollouts soon. So far, Google hasn't given any plans for expanding Fiber — which offers speeds of 1Gbps downstream — beyond Kansas City, where it charges $70 a month for internet only.