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Hulu Plus hits over three million paid users in Q4, more than double what it had a year ago

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hulu plus 1020 stock
hulu plus 1020 stock

Hulu just announced some year-end statistics, probably the most revealing of which is that there are now more than three million paid users of Hulu Plus. That's more than double the 1.5 million paid users Hulu Plus had at the end of 2011, but still far below the 25 million streaming subscribers in the US Netflix reported at the end of last quarter. 2012 saw Hulu Plus expand to a number of new devices and services, perhaps most notably the Apple TV and Wii U. It also grew the content available on Hulu and Hulu Plus by about 40 percent, with a total of 50,000 hours of video across both the free and paid services.

From a revenue perspective, Hulu is estimating that it'll close the year just shy of $700 million, up significantly from the just over $400 million in revenue the business did in 2011. Hulu also gave some details on its growth in Japan, where its content offerings quadrupled over the last year. It also revealed that Hulu Japan was accessible on a total of 50 million connected devices, and was pulling in paid subscribers at a rate that was more than triple its December 2011 levels.