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Rhapsody finally debuts music streaming app for iPad months after Spotify and Rdio

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Rhapsody iPad
Rhapsody iPad

It may come as a surprise that Rhapsody has gone this long without a presence on Apple's iPad, but the company has finally rolled out a music streaming app tailored for the iOS tablet. Android users received similar treatment back in February, though the iPad app places a heavier emphasis on visuals than text. As for what took so long, the company claims its iPad app was built "from the ground up" and offers "stunning" design and swift responsiveness. Performance seems solid enough, though it's by no means head-and-shoulders above offerings from Rdio and Spotify. Nonetheless, Rhapsody is offering a free 30-day trial in hopes of pulling you away from whatever service you're streaming tunes from now, though you'll need to head to mobile Safari or your iOS browser of choice to get started.

Rhapsody also recently debuted on Xbox Live. Unlike its late arrival on iPad, it's the only major streaming music service apart from iHeartRadio (and Xbox Music) on Microsoft's platform.