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Google Maps for iPhone downloaded over ten million times in first 48 hours

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Google Maps for iPhone 2040
Google Maps for iPhone 2040

Google Maps for the iPhone rocketed up to the top of the iPhone App Store leaderboards not long after its release on December 12th, and now the company has given us actual numbers to back up its popularity. Posting on Google+, Google senior vice president of Commerce and Local Jeff Huber said that the app saw over ten million downloads in the first 48 hours after it was released. The app, which combines Google's massive dataset with some nice design, is currently the number one free app in nearly 50 countries on the iOS App Store.

Google is no doubt pleased with the ranking and the download count, but the next test will be to convince developers to begin using Google's mapping services instead of Apple's. Along with the release of Maps, Google released an SDK for developers to build Google's mapping services into their own apps and a URL tool for apps to launch Google Maps instead of Apple's when an address is tapped.