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Banking tool Simple teases Android app for early 2013

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Simple Android Teaser
Simple Android Teaser

Simple, the online-only banking system that launched an iPhone app earlier this year, is now hinting at an Android app coming soon. On its Twitter and Facebook page, the company published a couple of attractive Android screenshots, calling them "a sneak peak of what we'll be releasing early in the new year." There aren't any further details yet, but the app looks to have the same basic features as on iOS, including detailed summaries of past purchases and "safe to spend" balances separate from the actual amount of money in an account.

Simple has been around for a couple of years, but most of its prospective users were stuck on a waiting list until mid-summer, when it began sending its bank cards out more widely. Current customers can use the card to withdraw funds from Allpoint ATMs with no fee, and using the card to make a purchase generates a record of the transaction. They can also deposit checks with the iPhone app, something that's allowed by some other banks but still far from universal. Simple is still available by invitation only, but if an Android app is near release, that could mean it will be opening up even faster next year.