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Dropbox competitor Cubby announces pricing starting at $6.99 a month for 100GB of space

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cubby 765
cubby 765

Cubby, the cloud storage service launched by remote desktop company LogMeIn in April, has announced a pricing structure for when it leaves free beta next year. Free users will receive 5GB of storage space, the same amount offered by Google Drive and more than the 2GB of free Dropbox space. From there, Cubby Pro prices range from $6.99 a month for 100GB to around $67 for 1TB, as long as it's pre-paid annually — otherwise, 100GB costs $9.99 a month and 1TB is $99.90. For the duration of the beta, years of pre-paid service are 40 percent off, bringing the cheapest Pro subscription to $3.99 a month.

That Pro subscription also includes extra features like DirectSync, which allows users to sync any amount of data directly across devices. That means it's not available from the web, but it also doesn't take up any storage space, and it makes sense that Cubby isn't keen to let free-level users move as much data as they want across the network. Overall, Cubby's pricing sits between the more expensive Dropbox and the cheaper Drive; for more about what it has to offer, you can check out our comparison of it and other cloud storage tools.