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Is Polaroid really making an interchangeable-lens Android camera?

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polaroid android
polaroid android

Rumors are gathering pace that Polaroid is about to launch a mirrorless interchangable-lens camera powered by Android. Recent months have seen both Nikon and Samsung release Android point-and-shoots, and Polaroid itself was touting its own Android wares at CES all the way back in January. Today's rumor, however, is of a very different product. Looking eerily like a Nikon 1 J series camera, the Polaroid IM1836 will pair an 18.1-megapixel sensor with an as-yet-unspecified interchangeable-lens system. It'll also have a 3.5-inch touchscreen, Android 4.0, a pop-up flash, Wi-Fi connectivity, and an HDMI-out port.


The fact that the recently-released Nikon 1 J2 and IM1836 look so alike has led some to speculate that it's a repackaged and repurposed version of Nikon's interchangeable-lens system camera, and will accept the same lenses. Of course, these are just rumors, though; most of the specs are attached to the above picture, which was featured in industry magazine Dealerscope in a corporate profile on consumer electronics company Sakar. The fact that these images seem to have accidental leaked through a trade publication rather than an unknown blog does lend a modicum of weight to what would otherwise be a thoroughly shaky rumor. Either way, with CES just around the corner, we expect to hear some more about the Polaroid IM1836 soon.