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Nvidia's Tegra 4 leaks with 72-core graphics for your smartphone

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tegra 4 leak
tegra 4 leak

Chiphell has leaked specs of Nvidia's next-generation Tegra processor for smartphones and tablets. Codenamed Wayne, the Tegra 4 will reportedly feature Tegra 3's 4-plus-1 setup, which has four regular cores and a low-power companion core to save battery life. The CPU, described as a "4-PLUS-1 Quad Core Eagle," is likely to be a Cortex-A15: Eagle was ARM's codename for the architecture. Nvidia is best known for its graphics, however, and if this leak is to be believed, the Tegra 4 will have six times the graphical power of current-generation Tegra chips thanks to a "72-core" (we imagine Nvidia is referring to cuda cores here) GPU setup.

The Tegra 4 should be more forgiving on your smartphone's battery than Tegra 3, thanks to a reduced 28nm manufacturing process — Qualcomm's S4 chips already utilize the process, and have generally had the edge over Nvidia-powered devices because of it. The slide also touts , USB 3.0 support, 4K video playback, and support for resolutions up to 2,560 x 1,600. Curiously missing is any mention of integrated LTE, but we'll have to wait for an official announcement in the coming months for the complete specs list.