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Swedish teens reportedly riot over Instagram account that identified students as 'sluts'

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An anonymous Swedish Instagram account that posted pictures of girls and boys labeled "sluts" and "whores" sparked riots outside a secondary school, various sources report. According to Aftonbladet and The Local, hundreds of teens gathered in Gothenburg, Sweden to confront the alleged owner of the account, a 17-year-old girl who has since been taken into custody either for questioning or to avoid retaliation. Some teens apparently planned (through a Facebook event) to beat up the account's owner, but the situation escalated, with witnesses claiming they were throwing bottles and stones, or "kicking down lampposts and jumping on cars." There's no hard evidence of that, but a recent YouTube video does show a large group fighting around what appears to be a school. Police spokesman Björ Blixer told Aftonbladet that "it does not feel like we have the situation under control." As of a few hours ago, the situation was said to have calmed down.

The original Instagram was apparently shut down before the riot, but it migrated to a Facebook page; both were said to have invited users to send tips on "sluts" in Gothenburg and then posted over 200 pictures of teens as young as 13 or 14 that were sent anonymously, along with details of alleged sexual activity.