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'Game of Thrones' specialty beers coming this spring courtesy of Brewery Ommegang

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Game of thrones beer
Game of thrones beer

Brewery Ommegang has crafted a special line of beers that pay homage to HBO's smash hit Game of Thrones. The four brews are the work of a collaboration between the brewery, based in upstate New York, and the premium cable network. Iron Throne Blonde Ale will be first out of the gate this Spring, timed to coincide with the show's season-three premiere. Thankfully availability isn't region-specific: you'll be able to find each beer across the US with each 750-milliliter bottle priced at $8.50. Ommegang also plans draft distribution of the line. The second, yet-to-be-named specialty brew will debut in the fall, and the other two will follow in subsequent seasons thereafter. So come March 31st, you'll be able to have the Game of Thrones iOS app in one hand and a frosty beer themed after your favorite show in the other.