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Twitter for BlackBerry updated to version 4.0 ahead of impending BB10 launch

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Despite the fact that BlackBerry 10 is just around the corner, Twitter is throwing users of older BlackBerry phones a bone with an updated mobile app. The big addition is that the app now supports the "Connect" and "Discover" interfaces that Twitter introduced with its major update just over a year ago. The Connect area gathers all of your mentions as well as when your tweets are retweeted or favorited; it also keeps track of all your new followers. Discover, on the other hand, is meant for finding content you might have missed from both your followers as well as other users on Twitter. Twitter has been pushing these features pretty hard since their introduction last year, but it's still rather surprising to see Twitter bother to push out an update for older BlackBerry devices despite the impending BlackBerry 10 launch. That said, RIM still has a large installed base, so this app should be useful to those many users still holding on to their older BlackBerry devices. Those interested can grab the new app from BlackBerry App World sometime in the next 24 hours or so.