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Bing introduces new image search with full-screen mode and site preview

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Bing image search full-screen mode
Bing image search full-screen mode

Microsoft's been rolling out a steady stream of improvements to its search engine Bing, and now the company has upgrade the service with an improved image search interface. As described on the company's blog, the redesign focuses mainly on presentation: when clicking on an image, a lightbox-style interface with a dark background makes it easier to focus on the image you're looking at, while the stream of additional search results below has been enlarged to make browsing easier. A new full-screen blows the image up to fill your browser's screen — and while it may not be true "full-screen" in the way we think of applications, it's a quick and easy way to see a bigger version of a given image. A thumbnail icon in the lower right also lets users see a preview of the site the image is pulled from without needing to click through.

It all looks somewhat similar to the photo viewers offered by Facebook and Google+, and while it may not be a revolutionary upgrade unto itself it's no doubt a welcome improvement — and yet another sign that Microsoft has no intentions of giving up on the aspirational search engine anytime soon.