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Skitch for Mac gets usability improvements, regains old features with latest update

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Skitch new
Skitch new

One month ago, Skitch's co-founder Keith Lang pledged that many features that disappeared when his app was acquired by Evernote would soon return via a software update. That day has finally come, and with it Skitch has received a huge boost in usability and former key features like direct image hosting, adjustable tool sizes, and custom annotation colors have finally returned. But Evernote has done more than bring Skitch back to its former glory with the latest version: it's also added handy features like timed screenshot captures, improved performance, and extended sharing options. You'll still need an Evernote account to use productivity tool, of course. Users who've downloaded Skitch from the Mac App Store can expect the 2.0.3 update to arrive "soon," but it's available today directly from the company's site.