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Cubasis is a new digital audio creation app built from the ground-up for the iPad

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Cubasis iPad
Cubasis iPad

If you're an iPad-toting musician but you've outgrown what GarageBand offers, you might want to take a look at the just-released Cubasis for iPad. Built by Steinberg, well-known among digital music aficionados for its Cubase digital audio workstation, Cubasis brings much of that experience to the iPad, but in a way more suited to portability and touch controls. At its heart, Cubasis is a multi-track digital audio workstation that lets users incorporate as many audio or MIDI tracks as they choose; it comes with 300 built-in loops and 70 virtual instruments for creating compositions on the go. However, it can also easily import tracks from the desktop version of Cubase — so you're not limited to what you can create on the iPad.

Steinberg also made it easy to get your creations off of the iPad and back into the full version of Cubase. Compositions can be exported to Cubase as well as Soundcloud, Dropbox, AudioCopy, or standard email. At $49.99, it's certainly not a cheap app, but it is competitive with the more professionally-geared iPad music apps out there. If you're interested, the app is available now, but beware — the original iPad is unfortunately not supported.