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National Geographic stops posting Instagram photos in response to new terms of service

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nat geo instagram
nat geo instagram

National Geographic has announced that it will stop posting pictures to Instagram. The move comes after the photo-sharing social network introduced a controversial new terms of service agreement that sparked fears it would be able to sell users' uploaded images. The announcement came via an image posted to Instagram itself, simply reading:

@NatGeo is suspending new posts to Instagram. We are very concerned with the direction of the proposed new terms of service and if they remain as presented we may close our account.

National Geographic runs a popular Instagram feed with over 640,000 followers, and considering the magazine's long history as a respected outlet for world-class photography, it's not surprising that it would find the current controversy concerning. Despite Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom's claims that the company has no plans to sell users' photos, it seems that the storm is far from over.