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Wii U's slow performance will be improved, promises Nintendo president Iwata

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Gallery Photo: Nintendo Wii U hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Nintendo Wii U hands-on pictures

Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata has addressed some of the issues faced by the Wii U upon its launch. In a Nintendo Direct video posted to the company's Japanese site, Iwata acknowledges the inconveniences caused by the system's slow performance for tasks like switching between applications, as well as the long update required to unlock all online functionality, and says the company will work to address the issues. No timeframe was given for any possible patch.

On a slightly less negative note for Nintendo, Iwata also apologized for the low supplies of the Wii U Premium Set in Japan, and said that stock is being replenished each week. It seems the Wii U's launch issues haven't prevented the system selling fairly briskly in its first few weeks — hopefully Nintendo acts quickly to fix the remaining problems.