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apocalypse week lead
apocalypse week lead

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The End III: Planet X

Frank talk about rogue planets and unparalleled human suffering

It’s not every day that the emissary of an extraterrestrial race invites you to her home to discuss government torture, the innate sensuality of the Octopus Man, and the desirability of Pittsburgh as a place to rebuild society after the Planet X cataclysm kills ninety percent of the people on the planet.

One of the first things people notice about this particular contactee is that she seems to have a particularly cavalier attitude towards death, especially for someone who’s almost supernaturally upbeat.

“Drowning, I can tell you, is not painful,” she explains. “By the way, starvation isn’t painful either.”

Nancy Lieder claims that she is the sole human conduit of extraterrestrial travelers from Zeta Reticuli, a binary star system roughly 30 light years from here. And if this is true, they’ve obviously put a lot of time and effort into the relationship. She told me that she’d been groomed for this position since childhood, while in her teenage years she participated in the development of Zeta / Human hybrids. She is still in contact with her half-Zeta son, a friend of Al Gore (who has his own hybrid stepfamily). Lieder has written extensively about this, pointing out that custody battles between parents of human-alien hybrids are quite rare.

It was in 1993 that she became aware of her alien contactee status, a fact that would permanently alter the course of her existence.

The slippery slope to delusion

custody battles between parents of human-alien hybrids are quite rare

ZetaTalk is Nancy Lieder, and Nancy Lieder is ZetaTalk. ZetaTalk is the name of her website, and it’s how she describes her role as a conduit between humans and Zetas, two of over forty races represented in the Council of Worlds. ZetaTalk is also a registered trademark, filed in 1995. Soon, people would start seeing ZetaTalk as an apocalyptic-alien contactee cult.

On some level, it’s easy to see how this came about. It’s late 1994, and Nancy Lieder is living in San Francisco, where she finds herself inextricably drawn to a UFO convention. Maybe she’s lonely, maybe she’s curious. Maybe she’s even convinced herself that she can talk to the space men inside her head. Whatever it is, she has found herself in a new world, one that accepts her — or at the very least doesn’t reject her. Soon, she’s going to UFO meetings regularly, becoming part of the community, learning the lore and picking up the languages.

It’s while attending one of these events that Michael Lindemann, who’s sort of a big deal in UFO circles, turns Lieder on to his current project — an AOL group called the Institute for the Study of Contact with Non-human Intelligence (ISCNI). Soon she is a regular contributor.

January 19, 1995, is the day that Lieder began her new life as ZetaTalk.