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Video: Katy Perry gives LinkedIn a makeover

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katy perry songs
katy perry songs

LinkedIn unveiled a desperately overdue redesign this summer, but what you may not know is that the inspiration came from an unexpected source: Katy Perry. A Bloomberg video report goes behind the scenes at the business-focused social network to find out how the design was put in place. As senior VP of product Deep Nishar puts it:

Professional behavior has evolved in that period of time, and we wanted to stay contemporary. That's why, the redesign, we call it the Katyfication."

Exactly what influence the "California Gurls" star had on LinkedIn's simple new interface is unclear. According to the LinkedIn team, however, Perry was always on their mind. "The LinkedIn brand was kind of all over the place," says director of design Steve Johnson. "We can all take a look at a design and say 'That's not Katy enough,' right, or 'We need to Katyfy this.'"