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Google keeps tracking Santa despite NORAD's switch to Bing

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google santa tracker stock 1020
google santa tracker stock 1020

NORAD may have decided to hand official Santa-tracking duties over to Bing this year, ending a five-year contract with Google, but the engineers in Mountain View will not be swayed. Google is announcing that it will continue on with its own Santa Tracker regardless, developing a "new route algorithm" that lets you follow the Claus’s location with up-to-the-minute precision.

Beginning at 2AM PT on Christmas Eve, you’ll be able to track Santa on both Google Earth and Google Maps — the latter gives you an easy-to-parse dashboard view — as well as on the Santa Tracker website. If you’re going to be on the road or at work, though, you might want to check into the accompanying Chrome extension and Android app, and set up some alerts for Google Maps updates on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. If this sounds like overkill to you, that’s fine. They’re your presents.