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Nokia reportedly planning Windows RT tablet unveil in February

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nokia windows 8 tablet mockup
nokia windows 8 tablet mockup

Nokia has been teasing its own tablet for almost a year without any solid details, but it looks like that might be about to change at Mobile World Congress. DigiTimes reports that Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Compal Electronics are resuming development of a 10-inch Nokia Windows RT tablet. Rumors of a Nokia tablet originally emerged earlier this year, with suggestions that the company would opt for a dual-core Qualcomm SoC with initial shipments of 200,000 units. Nokia reportedly delayed its Windows RT plans following Microsoft's Surface announcement.

If the reports are accurate then a Mobile World Congress debut for Nokia's tablet makes a lot of sense. The company won't have a huge presence at CES next month and Mobile World Congress is a more natural venue for Nokia's smartphone and tablet efforts. While we're unable to confirm the specifications of Nokia's tablet, sources have revealed to us that AT&T is planning to stock a Nokia tablet next year. Nokia's head of design, Marko Ahtisaari, revealed earlier this year that he's spending a third of his time designing an upcoming tablet. Despite a slow start for Windows 8 tablets and Windows RT, a colorful Nokia tablet could be just what Microsoft needs to encourage consumers and OEMs to invest time and money in the new operating system.