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Nokia Lumia 920 WP8 update rolling out with camera, Bluetooth, and battery improvements

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Windows Phone Updates
Windows Phone Updates

Nokia's latest Windows Phone 8 updates are starting to roll out to its Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 devices today. After HTC's 8X started receiving an OS update earlier this month, Nokia is now pushing the same to its own devices. The Lumia 920 update includes some camera fixes to improve blurry daylight images, and also features the new "always-on" Wi-Fi change alongside the ability to reject calls with an SMS and other messaging improvements.

Nokia says the update will also include "more efficient and reliable" Bluetooth connectivity and enhancements to the battery performance of the Lumia 920. Nokia has also improved its start-up sequence for the Lumia 920 and made it more "reliable" according to the firms, likely due to a small number of reported instances where the device would fail to boot following a hard reset. The update is rolling out to the Lumia 920 and 820 on AT&T and Rogers starting today and should be available to all users by early February.

Update: Nokia says unlocked unbranded devices should start to receive the update in early February.