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Flickr's new iOS app gets first update, lets you find friends across Facebook and Twitter

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flickr 2.0
flickr 2.0

Instagram's terms of service kerfuffle has resulted in a number of people giving Flickr's revamped iOS app a good, long look. Coincidentally enough, today the first update to Flickr's new-and-improved app has arrived, with additions that could bring it closer to a full-on replacement for anyone left disenchanted with Instagram's new policies. Yahoo is building upon the service's social experience, adding instant notifications that can ping you when someone adds a comment to a photo you've already critiqued. It's a move clearly designed to encourage discussion among those in the Flickr community, and you'll also now have an easier time finding Facebook and Twitter cohorts. Flickr will notify you whenever a Facebook friend signs up for the photography site, and you can also search for Twitter users directly within the app — a feature Instagram famously lost thanks to Twitter's controversial API in July.

Yahoo says the swift update comes as a result of feedback from users. That can only be seen as a promising sign for the app's future development; loyal Flickr customers endured a two-year wait for version 2.0.