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Dropbox acquires Snapjoy, a photo aggregation and sharing service

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snapjoy screenshot
snapjoy screenshot

Dropbox has made its second acquisition in a week, acquiring media streaming service Audiogalaxy last Thursday, and today picking up Snapjoy: an online photo library that pulls together photos from a user's phone and camera, and services like Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and others. Users can also share photos from Snapjoy privately or to social networks — functionality that, if brought to Dropbox, could extend the company's reach beyond users' local disk drives. In an announcement on Snapjoy's blog, the company says "we've always admired Dropbox and loved their product" — and Dropbox's 100 million users can't hurt. Snapjoy says in its blog that signups are now closed, but that existing users will be able to continue using the service.

Dropbox has already focused on improving its photo storage experience, updating its app for iOS just last Friday with a modern look, a photo tab, and optimized full-screen viewing. It's not clear how Dropbox plans to integrate Snapjoy into its product, but with its focus on scooping up multimedia companies in the past week, the popular file-sharing company is signaling that it could become more than just a digital locker.