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Google releases free Quickoffice iPad app for business customers

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Google Docs Android update improved (1020)
Google Docs Android update improved (1020)

When Google snatched up Quickoffice in June, it offered few specifics as to what it had planned for the team behind the popular iOS and Android productivity apps. Six months later, Google today released a new (and completely free) version of Quickoffice for iPad to its Apps for Business customers. For comparison, the regular, consumer-facing release of Quickoffice remains $7.99. iPhone and Android versions of the enterprise app will soon follow. With Microsoft's Office for iOS presumably not due for some time, Quickoffice remains a good option for users that need to edit spreadsheets and other documents on-the-go.

Further, Google has also been working to enhance support for legacy Microsoft Office files in Google Docs. Users will now see substantially better results when converting Excel, Word, and Powerpoint files to Google Docs format, the company says. For the formatting issues that Google's improved method still doesn't catch, you'll be able to make edits directly in the aforementioned Quickoffice app with no conversion necessary.