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Time capsule app Timehop launches tool to easily import your entire Twitter archive

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Over the last year, Timehop has emerged as a nice tool for those who want to re-live their memories. Once you link your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare, Timehop sends you a daily digest of what you were doing in years past, either via email or through its iOS app. However, it only is able to search through your last 3,500 tweets, so prolific users won't receive notifications of older events. Timehop has figured out a way around that restriction, however, using the brand-new Twitter archive that is just starting to roll out to users this week. Once users upload a ZIP file of their Twitter archive, Timehop can then access it, bringing up all of your embarrassing tweets from when you first started to use the service. For heavy social media users, it really is a fun way to relive whatever events of the previous year you felt were worth sharing on as many networks as possible.