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Peter Molyneux's 'Godus' reaches Kickstarter target with just two days to spare

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peter molyneux godus screenshot
peter molyneux godus screenshot

22Cans, the new video game developer led by industry veteran Peter Molyneux, is celebrating tonight after its Godus project became the latest Kickstarter funding success. The goal of $450,000 was reached with under two days remaining, and at the time of writing 14,824 people had backed the project. Little has been shown of the game so far, which is currently set for release on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS in September 2013.

Godus is an attempt to return to Peter Molyneux's "God game" roots; he created Populous back in 1989, widely considered the first example of its kind. But over the years Molyneux has developed a reputation for over-promising and under-delivering with titles such as Black & White and Fable — with thousands of Godus backers having put their faith into little more than his name, the pressure to succeed will be stronger than ever.