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Google agreed to limit Arris' liability from TiVo patent lawsuit as part of Motorola deal

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Earlier today Google announced it had sold the set-top box division of Motorola to Arris for $2.35 billion in cash and stock — and it looks like Mountain View agreed to limit the purchaser's liability in at least one patent case as well. TechCrunch reports that during today's analyst call discussing the acquisition, Arris CEO Bob Stanzione said that his company had been concerned about the legal battle between TiVo and Motorola; the two have been going after each other over patent infringement claims for more than year, with TiVo claiming it could be owed billions of dollars. As such, Google agreed to limit any liability pertaining to the suit to "a very small number."

It's not clear if Google made the decision because it was anxious to get rid of Motorola Home, or if it simply thought there was nothing to fear from TiVo — but either way, Stanzione isn't concerned about the liability, saying "It's not something you have to worry about in terms of the financial impact on Arris."