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Watch this: more than 25 years of Nintendo history in less than three minutes

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Nintendope Remix screenshot
Nintendope Remix screenshot

Whatever your opinion of the Wii U, it's difficult to deny that Nintendo consoles have played host to some of the most memorable titles and characters in the past 30 years of gaming history. To celebrate that legacy, Polygon has commissioned an exclusive remix video from digital creative agency Reverse Enginears. While less ambitious in scope than their previous Brief History of Videogames, its a virtuoso audiovisual tour through the output of a legendary company, stretching from Super Mario Bros. and the original Legend of Zelda right up to the latest titles, taking in a whole host of SNES and Nintendo 64 classics along the way — of course, it's also got a pretty irresistible chiptune soundtrack as accompaniment. Watch the video below, or check out some of their other work on YouTube.