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Mitsubishi seals the fate of rear-projection TVs, discontinues its last line

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mitsubishi rptv
mitsubishi rptv

According to a memo obtained by CEPro, Mitsubishi plans to discontinue its line of rear-projection televisions, marking the end of the affordable but clunky television technology from major manufacturers. The company bet it all on RPTVs last year, ceasing its production of LCD televisions entirely despite the fact that other major manufacturers had already abandoned rear-projection technology in favor of LCD screens. Sony left the market in 2007 and Samsung released its last RPTV model in 2008. In a letter to the company's service centers, Mitsubishi executive Junichi Nose announced the restructuring, and said the the company will focus instead on its other product lines including projectors and printers. While some will look back fondly on the affordable giants, the death of the rear-projection television was inevitable with the rise of flat-panel alternatives.