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Facebook answers 'who can see my stuff?' with streamlined settings

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facebook new privacy controls
facebook new privacy controls

Facebook’s new, streamlined privacy settings and Activity Log are beginning to roll out to users in the US today, says ABC News. The company hopes that by giving people easy-to-understand shortcuts like "who can see my stuff?" and "who can contact me?" that it can provide a more transparent look at what’s happening to their data behind the scenes. Also, an update to Facebook's Activity Log makes it easier to do things like untag and take down multiple photos at once. Another change to Facebook's UI that lets users upload multiple photos at once is also in the pipeline, but so far hasn't begun rolling out.

The news comes on the heels of a rough week for Facebook on the privacy front. Users of Facebook-owned Instagram flocked to Twitter to voice their (often misguided) grievances over changes to the company’s terms of service, and the German Office of the Data Protection Commissioner issued an order to stop the company from requiring people to sign up under their real names.