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Play this: 'Scuba' is the underwater 'Minecraft'

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Scuba, a free browser-based Flash game, may seem like a simple Minecraft or Terraria clone at first, but there’s a little bit more nuance to the game than that. Unlike Mojang’s runaway success, Scuba takes place underwater as you scavenge for parts to repair your damaged ship. The game will see you crafting specific items using resources that you collect along the way with a slight twist: your diver has limited oxygen and can only tolerate so much pressure. You’ll have to keep an eye on the two gauges to make sure the character doesn’t meet an early demise, yet you can extend your underwater exploration by creating better equipment along the way. Repairing your ship may be the ultimate goal, but the developer has also added a competitive element by keeping track of the time it takes you to finish. Think you can beat it faster than others? Then strap on a diving suit and make the jump into the randomly generated unknown.