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What's the deal with Jerry Seinfeld's feelings on technology?

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Years after TV made him millions, Jerry Seinfeld still remains true to his love of stand-up comedy. As part of this week's magazine, the New York Times has published an in-depth portrait of Seinfeld's life as it stands in 2012. He still tours incessantly, typically giving two performances each week. Interestingly, Seinfeld says he avoids a computer screen when crafting his on-stage material, favoring a ball-point pen and notepad over any laptop. He maintains his entire, handwritten repertoire of material in a binder which he'll often open to recall old favorites or perhaps discover a lost treasure. “We’re craving the nondigital even more these days, the authentically human interaction,” he says.

Yet technology's value isn't lost on Jerry. His most recent venture is a web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and it's exactly what the title suggests: Seinfeld drives around in vintage cars and chats it up with old comrades like Michael Richards and Larry David. Yet for all of his success (we prefer to forget The Marriage Ref happened), Jerry Seinfeld remains humble — if he's surfing through TV channels and comes across a Seinfeld rerun, he’ll keep watching until the show's namesake main character strides onto the screen.