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Spotify app now available on Roku players in US and UK

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Roku 2 XS
Roku 2 XS

Spotify is now available on Roku's line of set-top boxes, furthering the subscription music service's presence in the living room. Owners of select Roku hardware can now access a new Spotify Channel and, once they've provided account credentials, will be able to stream music from the platform's extensive catalog directly from their TV. The Spotify Channel is currently available on Roku 2 boxes as well as Roku's Streaming Stick, with the company promising it will soon add support for the Roku HD and Roku LT in both the US and UK. Roku isn't Spotify's first foray in the home theater space: Western Digital has previously released a Spotify app for its own WD Live line of players — though it's fair to say that Roku is perhaps an even more significant partner. Competing services haven't ignored the space either; earlier this month, Rhapsody arrived on Microsoft's Xbox 360.