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BlackBerry Z10 leaked as name of first BlackBerry 10 phone

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BlackBerry 10 Hardware Teaser
BlackBerry 10 Hardware Teaser

According to a leaked image, we now have a name for the first BlackBerry 10 phone: the BlackBerry Z10. Unwired View has posted an apparently leaked piece of promotional material from a trusted source, showing a phone that looks much like the L-Series we've seen before in both black and white accompanied by text reading "The New BlackBerry Z10." The new phone is expected on January 30th, when RIM holds its official BlackBerry 10 launch event.


The L-Series or Z10 is an all-touch device; we've been seeing it in various stages of development since last year, when it was known by the codename London. There's also supposed to be a physical keyboard-equipped phone coming later, but it's been seen less frequently. Unwired View says its name is still unknown, though they tentatively dub it the BlackBerry X10. RIM has had a tough time getting to launch with its new OS, but things are now looking much more concrete — though whether the revamped version of BlackBerry will live up to RIM's expectations is far from certain.