Pastor Harry Walther is in his late forties, a self-styled Christian preacher more or less since age 18, when he first read The Book of Revelation — and it blew his mind. Before that, the Philadelphia native was as a typical teenager. His pride and joy was a 650 horsepower ‘69 Hemi Mustang.

Since then, Pastor Harry has devoted his life to his ministry, establishing The Church of Philadelphia-Internet in 1999. He moved to rural Montana with his wife early this year.

Visitors to the Echo Lake Cafe on Swan Highway 83 have a couple options. You can order a big breakfast, settle in, and wait to see if Bigfork's most famous resident — Faceman from The A-Team — makes an appearance. Or you can head into the mountains to talk "bible code" with Pastor Harry. I thought over the options, and it wasn’t easy. But eventually, I think I made the right decision.

Faceman would have to wait.