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GoPayment drops Windows Phone support, recommends a new phone

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gopayment iphone
gopayment iphone

Windows Phone users will have to look elsewhere for their dongle-based credit card processing needs now that Intuit’s GoPayment is dropping support for the platform. WPCentral reports that the company sent an email to customers saying that the app would no longer work with "Windows 7 mobile devices" beginning February 5th, 2013, although it may re-evaluate its decision in the future.

Intuit is the same company behind many other financial apps and services such as, Turbo Tax, and Quicken. Users of the latter’s Mac application will recall their own platform being similarly abandoned as Intuit refused to rewrite Quicken 2007 for Apple’s new Intel x86 platform, leaving users high and dry from the launch of Lion in 2011 until the launch of Quicken 2007 Lion Compatible in March of this year. WPCentral notes that the app is still listed on the Windows Phone Store but is no longer published, and so can no longer be downloaded. If you’re a GoPayment user with a Windows Phone, Intuit has a simple solution to the problem: "we recommend that you switch to an Apple or Android mobile device supported by GoPayment."