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By bringing Kindle Singles to the UK, Amazon continues its push into publishing

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One large — if overlooked — aspect of the Kindle is how it has enabled Amazon to become a publisher of books, and today the company is expanding part of its internal publishing program to the UK with the launch of Kindle Singles. Singles, short works from well-known and independent authors alike, are often between 5,000 and 30,000 words and they have been in the US for nearly two years. Amazon says that it has sold four million Singles in the US — it broke the 2 million barrier in March — and now the program is launching with about 250 titles in the UK priced between £0.99 and £1.99 each. Amazon takes 30 percent of the proceeds from sales, but Singles aren't the only publishing option offered by the retailer; its Kindle Direct Publishing program has been available in the UK and other regions for quite some time.