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Dropbox adds photo albums to Android app beta, hinting at its media sharing ambitions

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Dropbox albums beta android (stock)
Dropbox albums beta android (stock)

Two Dropbox acquisitions over the past week have hinted that the company is working to expand its service beyond simple cloud storage to rich media sharing, and a new beta version of the Android app released yesterday reveals a bit more. The beta adds albums to the app, and users can manage their photos with batch selection. Albums, of course, can be easily shared publicly with a link. While it's admittedly a small step, the feature — combined with automatic photo uploads and the recent acquisitions in the media sharing space — is yet another sign of Dropbox's greater ambitions. If you want to try out albums, you can download the beta from Dropbox's Forums (or via this QR code), and with another new feature in latest version you'll be able to set the app to automatically update to the betas as they come out.