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Amazon Instant Video app finally available for LG Google TV, more devices 'soon'

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Google TV TV & Movies Favorite Channels
Google TV TV & Movies Favorite Channels

Google TV users have today been given another option for streaming movies and TV shows in the form of an official Amazon Instant Video app. Amazon's video service joins Netflix, HBO Go, and a number of other video apps already available on Google's TV platform. Previously Instant Video could be accessed through Google TV's built-in browser, but a standalone app obviously provides a far more convenient experience. Compatibility varies depending on which device you own, however, though Amazon continues to maintain a list of supported hardware. Specifically, Google is highlighting availability on LG HDTVs with Google TV and says Instant Video will arrive on other products "soon." Yet even as it comes to Google's fledgling TV platform, Instant Video remains unavailable to Android users — Amazon has thus far held it as an exclusive for its own Kindle Fire devices.