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Full-frame mirrorless camera from Sony reportedly in 'final stage of development'

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Sony's RX1 full-frame compact digital camera is a tremendous technical feat held back by two factors: a near-$3,000 price tag and its 35-millimeter fixed lens. But it seems the company is already working to solve that latter issue. Sony Alpha Rumors is reporting that a NEX-style interchangeable lens camera has already reached the ''final stage of development" in Sony's labs and could see release within one year's time. Citing its best sources, the site reveals that Sony's secret project would be slightly larger in form than the NEX-7. Two prototypes are said to be in testing: one with a 24-megapixel full-frame sensor, and another somewhere in the 30 / 32-megapixel range. In keeping with its current trajectory, Sony Alpha Rumors fully expects the camera to be of the E-mount variety, but says A-mount lenses will also be supported.

The prospect of these rumors being true is an exciting once, since they ultimately add up to the camera Sony's fans (and our own Sean Hollister) have been hoping for ever since laying eyes on the RX1. If Sony manages to deliver a full-frame interchangeable lens camera — the best of both worlds, you might say — it stands to shake up the digital camera market in a major way.