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Spotify takes on radio with Volvo vehicle integration

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Spotify Logo
Spotify Logo

Cars continue to be a focal point for technology companies, and now music service Spotify is prepping integration with Volvo's line of automobiles. Wired reports that the vice president of Volvo's Electrical and Electronic Systems engineering, Thomas M. Müller, revealed the plans. The move into automobiles would not only put Spotify in competition with services like Pandora that are already seeping into that market, but up against satellite and terrestrial radio as well.

There's no timeline provided for the introduction of the Spotify integration, but according to Wired the service will likely be used in conjunction with Ericsson's Connected Vehicle Cloud service. Essentially an application development environment aimed at automobiles, Connected Vehicle Cloud will let manufacturers create various types of entertainment applications and get them into cars. The first release, scheduled for 2014, will use a driver's phone as a modem in order to connect to the internet. A version with a built-in modem will come to market in 2016.