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Microsoft brings Wordament to iPhone, first iOS game with Xbox Live achievements

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Wordament iOS
Wordament iOS

After starting life as a Windows Phone game, Wordament soon picked up Xbox Live achievements on Microsoft's mobile operating system and made the jump to Windows 8. Microsoft is now taking it cross platform. Available for iPhone, Wordament is the first iOS game to use Xbox Live achievements. Similar to other Microsoft iOS apps, you simply sign in using your Microsoft Account and the game is then linked to your gamertag.

Wordament is a simple word puzzle that lets you join games for two minutes and guess as many words as you can. Now that it's available on iPhone, it's also one of the few Windows Phone games that works across-platform with real-time gaming against friends. Microsoft has made other iOS games, including Kinectimals and Halo Waypoint, but this is the first time iPhone users can gain Xbox Live achievements on iOS and it could mean the company is looking to release similar titles in future.