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LG's 2013 Google TVs feature OnLive gaming and Magic Remote with enhanced voice recognition

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LG Google TV
LG Google TV

In 2011, Eric Schmidt predicted that Google TV would be on a 'majority' of new TVs by summer of this year, and while his vision didn't play out, Google could get closer to that goal a year later than expected. LG announced today that it will extend its selection of Google TV panels, which currently includes 47- and 55-inch models, to a total of five televisions — adding 42-, 50-, and 60-inch options. LG has also refreshed the hardware design of its Smart TVs, with a thin bezel and talon-like support legs. The new televisions will ship with Google TV 3.0, as well as built-in OnLive support, which was already added to LG's G2 series of Smart TVs with Google TV in November. The company plans to show off the new sets at CES 2013, and we'll be there to let you know how they look.

Update: A more detailed press release mentions two models, GA7900 and GA6400, both set for CES reveals. Notably, the TVs will ship with OnLive gaming and LG's redesigned Magic Remote QWERTY keyboard with enhanced natural language voice recognition.