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VLC for Windows 8 gets Kickstarter funding with five days to spare

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vlc windows 8
vlc windows 8

A Windows 8-style version of VLC is officially bound for that platform now that the team’s Kickstarter project reached its funding goal of £40,000 (about $65,000) with five days to spare, reports The Next Web. While a Windows 7 version of the open source cross-platform media player already exists, it won’t run on Microsoft’s ARM-based Windows RT devices, and the VLC team took the opportunity to create something from the ground up that reflected Microsoft’s new design direction and would run on both full-sized platforms, as well as on Windows Phone 8.

The team expects to finish the port within three months, and released some mockups last week of what the completed designs might look like. On top of VLC’s signature support for a broad array of formats, the app will be able to play DVDs and unencrypted Blu-ray discs — something missing from Windows 8’s own built-in player. Now that the team has met its Kickstarter goal, any extra cash it brings in will go to fund extra features, including camera input support, DLNA client and server integration, support for attached devices, and even Microsoft’s SmartGlass second screen app.